Ape Case®


Ape Case offers a line of tough and rugged portable storage for your DSLR and Video Cameras and gear.


Ape Case is a complete line of super-padded, water-resistant, multi-pocketed, zippered-up camera carrying cases. The Ape Case line includes everything from backpacks with notebook compartments to cases for video games and the smallest digital video cameras. All bags in the line are made of heavy-duty


nylon and come with a lifetime warranty.

Ape Case was born to protect electronics from the bumps, bangs, rain and other normal challenges that just seem to happen! Digital cameras are exposed to operational insults on a regular basis. Each Ape Case is a heavy-duty, super-padded carryall that delivers gorilla-strength protection, pockets for every accessory, and a signature easy-find yellow interior. Black on the outside, yellow on the inside and tough all over.

Ape Case offers backpacks, slingpacks, shoulder bags, rugged waterproof cases, rolling cases, sleek hard cases, messenger bags, and accessories

Looking for a good fit for your equipment? Look for Ape Case.

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