Hotdog® Yoga


We’re Passionate About Yoga

The team at Hotdog Yoga Gear has more than two decades of experience designing and manufacturing bags and accessories of all kinds, in a variety of industries. We’re also passionate about yoga – in fact everyone involved in the development of Hotdog products, from designers to focus groups, hits the mat. And we don’t make anything that we and our friends wouldn’t use ourselves. We strive for the perfect union of function, quality and style, and to create new and innovative features that you won’t find anywhere else. We have real love of what we do (and who we do it for) and we think it shows in our products and our service.


At Hotdog, we obsess over materials, hardware, and construction methods down to minute levels of detail, knowing full well that it makes our bags a bit more expensive than some. At the same time, our international supply and production resources coupled with our conservative, small-company attitude and practices keep the “fat” out. So we believe you will find our products to be worth the price, and an excellent value. And we back everything up with hassle-free satisfaction and quality guarantees.

Over the years our products and designs have won lots of awards, and that makes us happy, but it’s a lot more important that we make YOU happy. So never hesitate to contact us – you will reach a real person, who really cares, really fast.