Skooba® Design


Exquisite Cases and Accessories for Tech-Travelers

At Skooba Design, our profession-and our passion-is designing exquisite cases and accessories for tech-travelers. We strive to marry quality and style with the necessary protection of an equipment case, and to create new and innovative features that you won’t find anywhere else. Features that simply “make sense” when you see and use them. We have over 15 years’ experience in designing and making protective cases and bags, an in-house product development department, and a real love of what we do (and who we do it for). And although we are not in it for awards, we have been honored with quite a few, including:


One of our favorite sayings: “Better to explain the price than apologize for the quality.”

We’re not sure where that old business expression comes from, but it’s perfect. We’ve been at this a long time and we’ve seen every kind of cheaply made bag. The market’s huge for them, and always will be. At Skooba Design, on the other hand, we obsess over materials, hardware, and construction methods down to minute levels of detail, knowing full well that it makes our bags a bit more expensive than some. At the same time, our international supply and production resources coupled with our conservative, small-company attitude and practices keep the “fat” out. So we believe you will find our products to be worth the price, and an excellent value. And we back everything up with hassle-free satisfaction and quality guarantees.

We love to talk in great detail about every component in every one of our products (probably more than people love to read about it). And of course, designs and features vary from product to product, so please browse our website and read our reviews to see all the products in detail, plus lots of other useful information.