Enspire Fire

Decontamination Cleaning Products

enspire has designed an entire segment of its cleansing and decontamination products to be dedicated to firefighters and first responders.

enspire Fire includes towels and wipes that can be used to remove carcinogenic contaminants, as well as debris and soot, from the body, clothing, and equipment of firefighters and other first responders in the aftermath of an emergency. Cleaning off with decontamination products after a fire is necessary to limit the amount of exposure to dangerous contaminants firefighters may come in contact with during the emergency.

enspire Fire products include pre-moistened towels and wipes. Using these products can help clean off contaminants and other dangerous substances from an individual’s skin, reducing the risk of injury or side effects from exposure. enspire Fire wipes are currently being used by the US Forest Service Firefighters, as well as by many firefighters and EMTs throughout the country.

Emergency Preparedness

The full line of enspire Fire products available includes wipes, towels, truck wash, equipment cleaners, degreasers, microfiber towels, degreaser wipes, and more. Visit the enspire Fire website to learn more about decontamination cleaning products and purchase the wipes, towels, and cleaners you need.